A Reputation of Achievement and Excellence

"About three years ago both Liam (12) and Hope Kircher (9) indicated they were planning to go to university. We thought, no problem. They both attended public school and there nothing to indicate they could not get in on the grades they had. Karen and myself  decided to meet with Liam's teachers to make sure everything was on track as he made the transition from middle school to high school ,what we found was a shock to us both. Not only was Liam not able to attend university on the grades he had but as he went from elementary to middle school they had adapted his courses to make it easier for him without our knowledge. We immediately had a meeting with the school counselor and was informed that if a child falls behind in a curriculum he or she is red flagged for extra help if it appears he or she cannot keep up without continued help the program is adapted to help him stay with the class but is marked on a lower level, This is done within the school and does not require a parents approval. We told the teachers and councilors Liam's desire to go to university they looked at each other and said he will not be able to get there from the public program. 

 After the meeting the councilor pulled us aside and asked us to consider The Glenfir School. She said the small class sizes and amazing teachers could help our kids achieve their goals. We had heard of Glenfir, they have a reputation of achievement and excellence and also Liam's tutor was a teacher there. We booked a tour and were instantly amazed at the school and the dedicated teachers.The facility was near brand new, the teachers were motivated to see every student achieve his or her goals and the administration was first class. We went through the admissions process and our kids started the next year.

The results have been nothing short of amazing, Liam who once was adapted in all academic subjects in Public school now works at grade level (avg. 75% in all academics). Hope, who was behind in English and heading down the same path as Liam, now boasts a 80% average in all academics. The class sizes are small to give maximum time for one on one with the teacher and this has benefitted both Hope and Liam.  We cannot say enough great things about Glenfir; they have allowed our kids to realize their dreams. I cannot believe the passion the teachers have for teaching and watching their students succeed and it is obvious that every one of the teachers share the same goal to see the students succeed. Glenfir really does have it all.

Now you may think I am out to bash public school but I am not ,it is just that they are overwhelmed by the amount of kids they have to teach (fact: average class room size is 30 students, which  means a teacher only has two minutes per hour per student for one on one teaching). When a child is born every parent dreams of the amazing things their son or daughter will accomplish whether it is a scholar, sports star or musician and it astounds me that I will see thousands of dollars being spent on hockey and music lessons but virtually nothing being spent on education. Yet education will be the most important part of their lives when it comes to finding a job. Sports and music are great but you need education to read music and to comprehend what a coach wants you to do on the playing field. People tend to think you cannot teach a person to be smarter you are either born with it or you are not, my two kids are perfect examples that you can. Do whatever you can to see your kids succeed leave this world better than you found it and if that means spend a little now to get a lot back in the future than do it."

- Chris and Karen Kircher, Penticton parents of a grade 6 and a grade 9 student