Bring Out The Best In Our Children

"Our children have been attending Glenfir School for seven years.  Over this time both have grown from being unmotivated, uninspired students into young people who believe in their futures and have confidence in their abilities.  For our son this has been a particularly exciting journey as his previous educational experiences left him with no sense of his abilities or strengths.  Through the dedicated support of the Glenfir teachers he has become a young man with dreams and aspirations.  Their willingness to talk about solutions, problem-solve around learning issues, and figure out what makes our children excel has been evident at all levels.  Their enthusiasm for the learning process and ability to bring out the best in our children has meant the world of difference for the educational outcomes of both our daughter and son."

- Manuel Belmonte and Joyce MacKenzie, Summerland parents of a grade 8 and a grade 12 student