Extracurricular Activities

Glenfir offers lunch-time intramurals and after-school activities. These events change from term to term and year to year as Glenfir matches students' interests with staff skills.  Consequently, in 2007/2008, rowing was added as an extra-curricular activity. With two new boats, experienced instructors, and Okanagan Lake in our backyard, students can now experience the thrill of rowing.
In addition to rowing, indoor floor hockey, badminton, basketball, volleyball, band, and study hall were some of the activities offered after school during 2007/2008. Some activities, such as floor hockey, were offered in all three terms, while others, such as cross-country running, were offered seasonally. This year (2008/2009) students continue to experience some of the same activities mentioned above, but also some new activities, such as: sewing and design, jewellery making, fitness, environmental club, choir, and track and field to further develop their interests, or enhance their studies through participation in the extra-curricular activities.