Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee is committed to providing a safe environment for the students and staff at Glenfir. Below you will find the committees minutes, any health and safety policies and initiatives set by the school, Stan and Fran's Health Tips, which is a newsletter put out by Interior Health as a school newsletter, and the Potato Post, also put out by Interior Health, providing schools with a nutritional based newsletter.

Minutes of Meeting:

Policies and Initiatves:

- Comprehensive School Health Policy

- Nutrition Policy

- Tobacco Free Policy

Stan & Fran's Health Tips: 

-June 2010

-May 2010

-April 2010

- March 2010

-Special Flu Season Edition

-October 2009

-September 2009

- June 2009

- May 2009

- April 2009

- March 2009

- February 2009

- January 2009

- December 2008

Potato Post:

- November 2008