Mr. N. Lott: BA BEd
Grade 3 to Grade 6 Science
Grade 1 to 12 Physical Education

Mr. Nate Lott originally hails from Vancouver Island and has lived in many outdoor destinations across BC. He recieved his BA from UBC and his BEd from UVic and is a returning teacher to Glenfir.  Nate has been teaching middle and high school for a number of years both in BC and internationally. Nate has traveled extensivly and has just recently returned from Melbourne Australia where he was teaching middle and high school as well as surfing on the beautiful beaches and exploring the coast. Nate has also lived in Japan, teaching and working as a chef in a mountain hot springs resort, learning the fine art of making sushi. Nate loves all aspects of outdoor life from individual sports such as rock climbing to team oriented pursuits like soccer. He has taught PE and outdoor Education for over 5 years in both Australia and here in BC. Nate has been the athletic co-ordinator for numerous schools and is looking forward to applying his knowledge and skills at Glenfir.  Glenfir presents a unique environment for outstanding athletic programs because of its location and excellent facilities. He has a special place in his heart for mountain biking and introducing students to a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Outside school time Nate can be found on his bike, enjoying homemade sushi, or in the mountains snowboarding.