No Other School

"We have attended Glenfir for nine years and have four children enrolled at the school. What initially drew us to Glenfir were the favourably small class sizes and the individual attention that this provided for our children.  Glenfir has always boasted an exceptional teaching staff and we are confident that when our children are at school they are in highly competent and caring hands in our absence.  We are proud of who our children are becoming, but would be sadly remiss in taking all the credit. Our children are, in part, also being raised by the community that is Glenfir. It is obvious to us that their teachers care for them and guide them with their best interests at heart. It is also always heartwarming to see the bonds that are created between the younger and older students at Glenfir. Due to the time spent together, whether at school or on the bus as 'bus buddies', it is a blessing to witness our children coming full circle and now caring for and encouraging the younger students at the school. We know firsthand what this means to the little ones as our children still hold their Glenfir mentors in high regard. We believe that there is no other school that could provide our children with such diverse opportunity, academic challenge, or safety and stability.  This, coupled with the overall enthusiastic and student-centered positive atmosphere, is why we are proud to be part of the Glenfir School." 

- The Ranger family, West Kelowna parents of a 3 student, two grade 6 students, and a grade 8 student