Steve Kindel

Steve_Kindel.jpg"I was extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Chris as a young aspiring soccer player. The many years spent with him at the National Training Center have shaped me into the player, coach, and person I am today. He has an outstanding ability to impart the passion for soccer, knowledge of the game, and practical life skills that he possesses to all players who put forth their best efforts under his guidance.

I have continued to apply the lessons learned from those days to all aspects of my life including my professional playing career, coaching career, university education, and raising a family."

Steve Kindel, Left Back
1997-1998 - Vancouver 86ers
1998-1999 - Mons
1999 - Richmond Kickers
2000 - Hampton Roads Mariners
2000-2008 - Vancouver Whitecaps
2009 - Rochester Rhinos