My Children Want to Be There

"As a small business owner we have made sacrifices to be able to afford to send our children to Glenfir.  It has been worth every bit.  I first chose Glenfir for security for my child, knowing she was in a safe environment and would not fall through the cracks when I had to work all day. As time went on, it was very evident how this enriched program put my child at an advantage with her peers. The languages, art, music and sports have encouraged my children to excel more than I could ever have hoped.  The teachers have been excellent and have worked with me to help my children do their very best. Our campus is stunning, the spirit is high.  I will continue to make sacrifices for my children to attend the best school in the valley. Most of all, my children want to be there."

- Shannon Ferlizza, Summerland parent of a grade 2 and a grade 4 student