The Glenfir School has three main levels of academic instruction: the Primary School (kindergarten to grade 3); the Junior School (grades 4 to 6); and the Senior School (grades 7 to 12). In each grade students are assigned a homeroom teacher and receive curricular instruction from specialist teachers.
At the beginning of each school year, time will be set aside for homeroom teachers to meet with their respective students' parents to help create a Personal Learning Portfolio (PLP) for every student. The portfolio will contain information on each student in terms of his or her individual goals, talents, interests, challenges, and any other considerations of importance. This confidential portfolio will act as a valuable tool for both teachers and parents as they work together toward ensuring that each unique individual reaches his or her full potential.
Throughout the academic programme, students participate in activities that enhance their academic learning.  Public speaking begins as a formal activity in kindergarten and continues throughout the grades. Each year the school hosts a public speaking competition. Students also take part in spelling bees, debates, environmental challenges, science fairs, bridge-building competitions, as well as writing and mathematics contests.
Glenfir School provides a culture of commitment and dedicated study designed to help students achieve their highest potential.  Homework expectations increase with each grade to meet additional academic challenges; therefore, 70 to 120 minutes per week night is suggested.  Dedicated teachers invest time with each student to reward hard work, facilitate individual growth, and support the best possible learning experience. 
Primary School (Kindergarten to Grade 3)
The expectations of the BC curriculum are provided with an increased emphasis on enrichment and differentiated approaches. Language Arts and Mathematics are areas of special emphasis, focusing on mastery of basic skills, ensured by small class sizes, and personal attention for each student. In addition, students receive French instruction three times per week, enjoy daily physical education, and have access to a fully equipped I.T. suite, and portable Mac lab. Classroom instruction time exceeds the provincial requirements in all subject areas. Kindergarten at Glenfiris full-day. Throughout the programme, time is dedicated to service and citizenship, special projects, public speaking, guest speakers, extra-curricular events, and educationally relevant field trips.

Junior School (Grades 4 to 6)
Grades 4 to 6 build on the strong base developed in the primary grades.  Students experience an increase in expectations with increased homework, testing, and the first exposure, in grade 4, to formal examinations (December and June).  Formal examinations twice a year continue through to grade 12.  Report cards and assessment change to provide percentage marks. Year long achievement awards begin to be presented at this level. The fundamentals of the provincial curriculum are taught with increased depth and an emphasis on enrichment and the development of a deep understanding of what is being learned through recall, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of each subject area. Classroom instructional time exceeds the Ministry of Education's requirement in all subject areas. Children are now taught by numerous teachers with special interests and expertise in the subject areas.  The specialist teachers teach consecutive grades, adding to the continuity of teaching and individual knowledge of each student's strengths and needs.
Senior School (Grades 7 to 12)
In grades 7 to 9, the core curriculum is outlined by the Ministry of Education.  At Glenfir, the core curriculum is augmented with an enriched programme to prepare students for success in the senior grades.  Required courses include: Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, Physical Education, and French. Spanish Language courses are promoted through grade nine when students write the grade 11 provincial Spanish examination.  In addition to the core subjects, visual arts, information technology, media arts, yearbook, Career and Health Education, and concert band are provided.

Grade 10, 11, and 12 curriculum provides an increased focus on post-secondary plans. These last three years of high school are designed as a single curriculum to ensure a broad coverage of all subject areas as well as continuity of teaching in all areas.   Class sizes do not exceed 15 in order to maximize student-teacher time for these critical years. Students are provided an enriched programme of study, exceeding the provincial requirements. Students arrive at university well prepared for post secondary level courses.