Application Process

The Glenfir School invites Applications for Admission throughout the academic year. Due to class size restrictions, Glenfir recommends applications be completed at your earliest convenience.

1. The school will arrange with families for an interview and tour of the school with the applicant and her/his family.

2. Families may make application to the school by submitting the following:

- Complete Glenfir Application Forms including two letters of reference in support of the applicant. One confidential reference should be from a teacher of the applicant. The other reference can be from a family friend who knows the applicant well. (Forms available here or from the School).

- Copies of the applicant's most recent report cards

- A cheque for $2,000.00 made payable to "The Glenfir School"

3. Students making application for grades 1 and above must write aptitude tests as part of the application process. Usually, this is done on the same day as the interview and tour. An evaluation fee of $200.00 is required. Students applying for admission to Junior or Senior Kindergarten will have an informal interview with the teacher in lieu of an aptitude test.

4. Students applying from outside the area may make alternative arrangements with Glenfir for completing the application process.


1. Entrance standards of Glenfir School are based on the premise that Glenfir is a university preparatory school. Glenfir strives to admit students who are likely to benefit from our enriched program and who will make positive contributions to our school community.

2. Glenfir weighs many factors when considering a student for admission. Academic ability is examined, along with the student's personal character and enthusiasm for learning, as well as special talents in the arts or athletics. Upon review of testing results, the interview information and the student's prior reports, the applicant may be offered a position provided that space is available. Qualified applicants for whom no places are available are placed on a waiting list for the applicable grade. When a vacancy becomes available, the family is notified.

3. The following information is required upon acceptance of admission:

- The Glenfir enrolment form

- The Glenfir health record form

- A copy of the student's birth certificate

- A legal residency form

- A non-refundable registration fee of $2,000.00 is required when acceptance is offered in order to reserve a place for a student. The registration fee is applied to the student's tuition fees. The school reserves the right to refuse admission or re-admission to a student depending upon academic results and personal conduct.

- For returning students, a non-refundable fee of $1,000.00 is required by mid-March in order to reserve a place for the upcoming year. Early confirmation from returning families is essential for the school's operation. It allows the school to plan budgets, staffing and timetables with confidence. Re-registration fees are applied to the student's tuition.