Students learn about themselves and the world around them through their participation in our visual arts, music, and drama programmes.

The Glenfir visual arts programme provides a challenging, process-based art curriculum.  Through applied studio work, classroom discussions, art criticism, classroom critiques, and the study of art history, students are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of visual arts, aesthetics, and design. A diverse array of artistic media is explored by students, providing them with the opportunity to explore both 2D and 3D design construction techniques. Topical units of study expose students to an array of artists, their work, visual ideas, and artistic practices.  Students gain confidence and enrich their understanding of our visual world through our rewarding hands-on curriculum. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to express their own distinct artistic consciousness through   developing and utilizing a visual vocabulary.

Performing arts at Glenfir is a product of the music and drama departments. Starting in grade four, all students participate in the beginner and middle school bands.  With public performances comes confidence and self-awareness that is echoed throughout the entire school resonating from faculty through to students.

Glenfir's concert band has students playing band instruments from grade five through to grade ten.  Students look forward to festivals and band trips as well as contributing to school musicals and other presentations.  The goal for the students is to enjoy the learning process and grow with the music.  Music is the soul of education, and we firmly embrace this belief.