At Glenfir, our Athletics Programme is about much more than just physical education. We pride ourselves on providing students with a culture of fitness.

Glenfir has the expectation that each student excel and be healthy in all aspects of life. Teaching students not only how, but also why to stay physically fit is essential for their overall development. Our recently expanded 920 square meter (10,000 square foot), well-equipped gymnasium is just one example of the continued dedication Glenfir offers to develop a strong athletic and physical education programme.

All Glenfir students (K-G12) receive gymnastics training from head coach and general manager of  FitKidz Gymnastics, Annette Card. Annette is a Level 2 artistic gymnastics and trampoline coach who has been coaching Gymnastics for 30 years and who used to be an art gymnastics competitor in West Germany. 

Academic Athletic Programme
Glenfir is a school whose priority is academics and therefore our athletic programme will be including a grade appropriate level of academic understanding beginning in the 2008/2009 school year.  This is achieved in three ways.  First, by learning the physiology of the body and training techniques, students understand why exercise is important.  Second, students in PE will also be required to complete fitness homework and consistent testing of rules and strategies in a variety of sports.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, students at Glenfir will receive a health mark, consisting of classes related to sexual education, drug/alcohol awareness, nutrition, and relationships among other topics.

As physical activity is an important part of a child's overall development,
Glenfir offers all grades (K-G12) daily physical education.

Service hours for senior classes are a part of meeting course expectations for graduation.  Starting in the 2008/2009 school year some of this time will involve senior students volunteering their time in a variety of community sports.  Coaching minor soccer, helping referee a sibling's sporting event, Ironman volunteering, time/score keeping at school, intramural committee involvement, etc.

Off-Campus opportunities are rotated in longer time slots, enabling the students the opportunity to try different activities such as bowling, swimming, and curling.

Intramurals take place at lunch time, inside or outside depending on the weather.  Intramurals, such as 3-on-3 basketball, are a central part in maintaining a positive school spirit for Glenfir.  The sports offered and how they are organized will vary throughout the school year and are developed to best serve the students' needs.

Regular physical activity:

  1. Reduces body fat
  2. Strengthens bones
  3. Fights depression and anxiety
  4. Helps to create a positive body image
  5. Aids co-ordination, balance, and flexibility
  6. Improves stamina and concentration