Homestay & International

Glenfir has a safe and caring environment which is the perfect backdrop for our excellent education programme. This situation can be of particular interest to families outside of Canada and we welcome applications from students in countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere. Students may be admitted to Glenfir for a minimum of one school term or as a part of our full, multi-year education programme.

There is a Homestay programme available, which will place international students with local families, more often than not with children of their own at Glenfir. Interested families should know that students from abroad find Glenfir to be a very welcoming and accepting environment for students from all backgrounds, cultures, and regions. Indeed, such diversity provides a richness of experience for all our students, which we very much value and encourage. Please contact our Admissions Director, Mary Taylor, for more information.

Students from outside the local area can still attend The Glenfir School by enrolling in the homestay programme. 

For more information about the programme, please contact the school office.