Life Skills & Social Relations

The school encourages students to strive to support and encourage one another. Students learn the importance of integrity, respect, and compassion through their class activities, as modeled by teachers, and through opportunities to work with both older and younger peers. Students progress through the school with confidence, poise, and self-discipline, having established life-long friendships.

The Glenfir School encourages the development of skills and habits such that students take responsibility for themselves as well as for each other.

A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of personal organization for students throughout the school program. Each student uses a personal agenda and learns to set weekly goals. A strong partnership between home and school is encouraged and parents are asked to help their son/daughter by setting aside a regular place and time each day to complete homework. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers and assist in volunteer roles within the school. A strong bond between home and school greatly influences the success of any student's educational experience.