The Glenfir School provides students and teachers with current technology tools to enrich, and expand education possibilities. Skills that are necessary in today's world such as keyboarding, file management, and word processing are taught beginning at the primary years forward, but learning technology at The Glenfir School is also prevalent outside of the computer lab where students gain experience using technology tools in all subjects to empower them to be ready for using the technology tools of tomorrow to succeed in a competitive environment.

Currently, five Interactive SMART Boards bring learning alive with the ability to see, hear, touch, and collaborate with peers both in school, and beyond. This tool opens the classroom to virtual field trips, simulations, and online resources, as well as gives students the ability to see first hand how new technology can be used to change the way knowledge is learned, and shared.

A fully networked PC lab, and computers in each classroom connect students to the ever-expanding wealth of resources and experiences on the Internet. Students learn to access out-of-classroom information in a safe and responsible manner. The new PC lab is also used by the secondary students as a digital photography lab, complete with cameras, scanners, and the latest Adobe Photoshop software, and as a desktop publishing studio that uses Swift 3D and Macromedia Studio software to create vivid Flash content for the web and other presentation formats.

A wireless network enables older students to use personal notebook computers for the research, production, and presentation of classroom assignments. Students often hand in files to their teachers, and access assignments by accessing this wireless network.

A mobile Mac Lab offers flexibility and creativity to teachers and students. This portable resource is used with the school's new video equipment to bring the film-making process into all subjects. Students learn higher-order thinking skills by participating in all stages of the film making process. Teachers become guides in the process that transforms students into active participants in meaningful group projects. This is a new step for The Glenfir School, a sign that the school is committed to pursuing the most enriching educational product available.