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"As a parent to two graduated and two current students of the Glenfir School, I am often asked what has kept our family at the school for the last 16 years... I have the advantage of looking at my older children and can see that the gift, that is a Glenfir education, has, and continues to, served my adult children." - Debbie Selwood, Summerland parent of two graduated students, a grade 7 and a grade 9 student.

"...a reputation of achievement and excellence...they have allowed our kids to realize their dreams." - Chris and Karen Kircher, Penticton parents of a grade 6 and a grade 9 student

"We believe that there is no other school that could provide our children with such diverse opportunity, academic challenge, or safety and stability."  -  The Ranger family, West Kelowna parents of a grade 3 student, two grade 6 students, and a grade 8 student

"We have had experience outside of Glenfir and feel, without a doubt, that what they are receiving at the Glenfir School is far superior...We have not felt an atmosphere of respect, dignity, learning and cooperation like this before.  We can see this 'atmosphere' clearly reflected in our children." - Matthew and Lynette Hay, Okanagan Falls parents of a JK student and two grade 1 students

"...we have made sacrifices to be able to afford to send our children to Glenfir.  It has been worth every bit...very evident how this enriched program put my child at an advantage with her peers...Our campus is stunning, the spirit is high...Most of all, my children want to be there." - Shannon Ferlizza, Summerland parent of a grade 2 and a grade 4 student

"Their enthusiasm for the learning process and ability to bring out the best in our children has meant the world of difference for the educational outcomes of both our daughter and son." - Manuel Belmonte and Joyce MacKenzie, Summerland parents of a grade 8 and a grade 12 student

"Glenfir's facilities rank second to none in the Valley...Glenfir is further bolstered by its many specialty teachers who take obvious pride in their lessons, and which has made an indelible impact on our child and family."  - Curtis and Tammy Darmohray, Kelowna parents of a grade 2 student

"I believe that at Glenfir, we teach to the 'whole' child. We balance off the importance of strong academics with a fabulous arts program" - Lynda Jones Layng, Penticton Parent of a grade 6 student

"Glenfir School has provided academic excellence in a healthy and happy atmosphere.  Everyday they look forward to going to school." - Ali Moshaver, Penticton parent of a grade 1 and a grade 4 student